Guatemala Jasmin
Guatemala Jasmin
Guatemala Jasmin
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Guatemala Jasmin

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 ORIGIN: Guatemala

 REGION: Huehuetenango

 ELEVATION: 1350-1550 M

 PROCESS: Washed | Patio Sun-Dried

 VARIETY:  Bourbon | Caturra | Catuai

 NOTES: Apple Pie | Milk Chocolate  | Tangerine


Guatemala Jasmin is a blend of beautiful coffees from Huehuetenango and Cafes de Oriente. It exhibits unique qualities such as a complex combination of fruity and smooth cocoa notes with a citrus acidity.

Its name comes from the distinct aroma created by blending the two regions together. Huehuetenango gives these coffee beans a high acidity and a winey quality, while Cafes de Oriente gives them sweetness and body.