Hi! My name is Jason. I’m a Native Texan and I'm proud of that. I was born and raised in Houston by Texans who made the greatest effort to teach and show me the richness of being Texan.

Growing up, I spent countless hours with my family, exploring the Great State. From the Gulf Coast to The Hill Country, to the Piney Woods and beyond, I was never in doubt that I was lucky to be Texan.

Whether I was eating black-eyed peas and cornbread with family near Lufkin, chasing the waves and looking for seashells at Surfside Beach or exploring the history and terrain of the Texas Hill Country near Austin and San Antonio, I knew Texas was one of a kind.

Though I am not an art director or graphic designer by trade, I am by heart. I have always been drawn to creativity, design, and story. I am learning as I go, but my background in sales and marketing is leading the way. I want to combine that with my love for all things Texan.

Why “Texas Mercantile”? Texas is unique in its variety of heritage, culture, terrain, and cuisine. Let’s just say, it’s the best place on earth! Like the mercantile of days gone by, providing all manner of goods, Texas offers options that few states can boast. I want to celebrate that and put it on display through my own vision.

Join me on the adventure. Giddy-Up.