Colonneh Dark Roast (Honduras)
Colonneh Dark Roast (Honduras)
Colonneh Dark Roast (Honduras)
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Colonneh Dark Roast (Honduras)

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Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic Raven, this Extra Bold roast hails from the picturesque Santa Rosa de Copan region in Honduras, where coffee cultivation thrives.

This exceptional roast embodies the darkness of the Raven's feathers, crafting a coffee experience like no other.

It's daring, intense, and captivating. With each sip, you'll be entranced by its pungent and smoky allure, offering a full-bodied, deeply satisfying flavor.

Just as the Cherokee referred to Sam Houston as 'the Raven,' this coffee pays homage to the spirit of the Raven with every cup, a captivating coffee journey that's as legendary as it is dark.


 ORIGIN: Honduras 

 REGION: Santa Rosa De Copan

 ELEVATION: 1100-1250 M

 PROCESS: Washed 

 VARIETY: Bourbon | Catuaí | Caturra 

  NOTES: Caramel | Chocolate | Citrus